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Iran Tradex online store in the specialized field of buying and selling goods in B2C and B2B has started its activity as a leading group in the field of internet businesses to provide products from manufacturers, importers and wholesalers to final consumers.

Buyers from all over Iran can easily access tens of thousands of products from various brands. Also, suppliers from all over the country can introduce their products to customers through Bargachi. In addition to purchasing and stocking specialized items and reputable brands, Iran Tradex provides a suitable platform for suppliers and importers to sell and display various products in the internet market business model. In this way, it is very difficult to control and monitor the suppliers and it requires a powerful monitoring system, which by creating this monitoring and control system every day, the electrician is trying to get the satisfaction of the customer and the final consumer.

The group’s effort has always been to create a different and efficient platform in the field of e-commerce for buyers and sellers.

By offering a wide range of the most reliable brands in different groups and in close cooperation with the main importers and distributors of these goods in Iran, we try to meet the different needs of customers with different uses. . Providing completely competitive and suitable prices, along with the desired quality of after-sales service, is one of our priorities. By understanding the importance of this issue for our customers and by using the maximum power and tools available in our interactions with suppliers, we try to provide the lowest prices and the best services.

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With a close look at our product portfolio, you will see that in addition to the wide range of domestic and foreign goods, the up-to-dateness and presence of luxury goods will attract your attention. The variety of goods will allow you to limit your budget so that your taste is not eliminated. Also, regarding each product, you can see a group of similar products on the site and choose your purchase with confidence by using the possibility of comparing two or more products.

Most of our products have a 7-day return guarantee, of course, the original condition of the product must be preserved, that is, the material has not been installed or screwed, and there have been no scratches on the product. If you do not like the appearance of the product or the product is different from what you had in mind, you can return the product up to 7 days after delivery.

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